Which Are the Common Dental Emergencies Require Urgent Dental Care

Which Are the Common Dental Emergencies Require Urgent Dental Care

Jul 01, 2022

When you confront a toothache, you think you must rush out to seek urgent dental care. However, are you aware of what constitutes a genuine dental care emergency? Do you know when you must visit an urgent care dental clinic?

When confronting tooth pain or any other dental problem, your first point of call is always your dentist. Unfortunately, you find yourself in a conundrum if the problem confronts you on a weekend, holiday, or late in the evenings.

You confront a dental problem that you think is an emergency but can’t get your regular dentist. It is the perfect situation for you to seek an urgent care clinic near you to get help to alleviate your problem.

If you are trying to differentiate between urgent care and dental emergency, let us explain the differences between the two to help you make an informed decision.

What Is a Dental Emergency?

A genuine dental emergency represents dental issues that require the services of an urgent care clinic, although both situations may take you to the dentist in 77379. Some dental emergencies may take you to an emergency room instead of a dentist’s office or urgent care clinic.

Dental emergencies are potentially life-threatening, requiring immediate treatment by the ADA to stop ongoing bleeding and alleviate pain and infections.

Therefore if you are suffering from uncontrolled bleeding, cellulitis, or soft-tissue bacterial infection with severe swelling inside your mouth that interferes with your breathing or trauma to the facial bones compromising your airway, you should seek attention from the emergency dentist in spring, TX, to safeguard your dental and overall health.

Types of Dental Emergencies

Dental emergencies can affect you in different forms. Different dental issues can cause pain, swelling, and challenges in biting and chewing. If you experience pain symptoms or need procedures beyond business hours for various conditions like painful tooth fractures, dental abscesses, lost crown, post-operative osteitis or dry socket, and pericoronitis, you must seek help from a dental professional providing urgent care services beyond office hours and on holidays.

Should You Prefer Emergency Dentistry or Urgent Care?

Whenever you are affected by a severe dental emergency, it doesn’t help to consider urgent care clinics because the better option is always an emergency dentist equipped and qualified to deal with difficult situations appropriately.

For example, if your jaw or face is swollen, it might indicate signs of infection, especially if tooth pain also accompanies it. You might also have a fever, sensitivity, and a foul taste in your mouth. The signs indicate you probably have a dental abscess, a life-threatening infection that can affect your entire body.

Dental abscesses are best managed by a qualified dental professional because the infection will not disappear by itself. In such cases, you must seek from the spring emergency dentist for treatment of the condition by undergoing root canal treatment. Unfortunately, if you have a severe infection in your tooth, the dentist might recommend tooth extractions instead of endodontic therapy.

Similarly, if a severe impact on your mouth has left you with a painful fractured tooth seeking help from an emergency dentist is recommended because the tooth might be irreparable and need removal. However, if the impact hasn’t caused severe damage, you can wait for a couple of days to seek an urgent care appointment from your regular dentist to restore the tooth with various procedures like dental bonding or crowns to ensure you preserve your natural tooth.

Lost fillings or crowns late in the evening or on holidays do not require attention from an emergency dentist. So long as you safeguard the affected tooth using readily available over-the-counter measures, your tooth remains safe until you meet your dentist to restore it. However, you mustn’t delay the urgent care appointment because you have a cheaper alternative from the drugstore for temporary relief. Your affected tooth remains exposed to infections and can suffer additional damage unless you have it restored as soon as possible by your dentist.

Dental emergencies can affect you differently and generally favor holidays or evenings to make their presence felt. In such cases, it helps if you have established contact with a dental practice providing urgent and emergency care whenever you confront a dental issue. Therefore you must have all information about the common dental eminences that can also receive help from critical care.

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