Top 7 Benefit of Invisalign® Clear Braces

Top 7 Benefit of Invisalign® Clear Braces

May 01, 2021

If you are on a journey to straighten your teeth in orthodontic dentistry, you have probably heard of Invisalign® in Spring, TX. They have become very popular oral appliances in orthodontics, especially among adults.

Even with the increased popularity, very little is known about Invisalign clear braces, unless by patients who have them. However, if your goal is to have them for your orthodontic treatment, then you should at least understand why they are advantageous, compared to their counterpart braces.

What Are Invisalign Braces?

They are types of braces used as alternatives to traditional metal braces. These braces get their name from the invisibility of their designs. Technically, they are made from a transparent plastic-like material, forming trays of teeth aligners.

The popularity of Invisalign near you stems from the fact that many adults need to improve the positioning of their teeth, without necessarily having metal brackets all over their teeth. However, if you know anything about orthodontics, then you understand that your teeth cannot be straightened without the use of a dental appliance, in this case, braces.

Benefits of Invisalign Braces

  1. They are cosmetically appealing – any of the patients who get Invisalign near Spring, TX, do so because of the cosmetic advantage of the braces. The transparency of the material used to make them virtually invisible, which provides for anonymity during treatment. This means that you get to comfortably flaunt your smile even while undergoing treatment, which would not be the case if you got traditional metal braces. It is the reason why the aligners are also known as clear or invisible braces.
  2. They are comfortable to wear – other than their beauty, Invisalign near 77379 is very comfortable, especially compared to traditional metal braces. The plastic-like material allows for a smooth glide of the aligners in your mouth. You do not have to worry about the metal brackets hurting your gums or inner lips because they are not present in the invisible aligners.
  3. They are removable – clear dental aligners are different from typical metal braces. You do not have to put them on 24/7. The aligners are designed in such a way that you can remove them when you need to. This means that there are no restrictions to what you eat, as is the case with traditional braces. You can eat what you want since you have the freedom to remove the clear aligners. The only catch, however, is that you have to keep them on for about 20 hours or so every day. These hours are necessary to ensure that the aligners keep shifting your teeth through controlled pressure exerted thereof.
  4. Boosting oral hygiene – if you have ever had traditional braces, then you know how difficult it is to maintain excellent oral health. Reaching the areas of your teeth covered with the metal brackets is very hard. However, with clear aligners, the flexibility of removing them allows you to fully take care of your oral hygiene. Besides, clear aligners come with cleaning instructions to ensure you maintain their hygiene as you do for your oral cavity.
  5. They are effective – the effectiveness of Invisible teeth aligners in straightening and beautifying your smile is undeniable. If you follow through with your treatment plan and are disciplined enough to keep your invisible aligners on for more than 20 hours daily, you will realize a beautiful straight smile within no time.
  6. They correct your bite – invisible dental aligners are not employed simply because they support the aesthetic needs in dentistry. The aligners have been used severally to correct improper bites, ranging from crossbites to overbites, and underbites. With a proper bite, patients can eat and speak much better than before.

Should You Get Clear Braces?

The decision to get clear braces should be made only with advisement by a dental expert. Not every person is a suitable candidate for clear braces, particularly those with complex orthodontic problems. Your dentist, therefore, must first determine whether invisible aligners are suited for your treatment. Afterward, consider matters like budget, as well as your commitment to the orthodontic process, which may take a couple of months before you achieve your dental goals.

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