Tooth Extractions in Spring, TX

Tooth Extractions in Spring, TX

Dental extractions are a common and routine procedure that is sometimes needed when teeth are damaged or causing oral health problems. If you need a dental extraction, Paul Graf Dental is prepared to give you the best care in Spring, TX, and the surrounding areas.

What Are Extractions?

Extractions are the process of removing a damaged, broken, or unhealthy tooth. Extractions are often done to prepare the mouth for an implant, dentures, or other improvements for the health or appearance of teeth.

About the Procedure

Extractions are typically short procedures, and there are times when it’s necessary or prudent to have a local or general anesthetic. During your extraction, your dentist will use a variety of tools and instruments to remove the tooth or teeth that are causing the problem. Following your extraction, you should avoid doing anything that would delay the normal healing process. Avoid smoking or rinsing your mouth heavily after an extraction. You should also avoid using a straw to drink for at least 24 hours following the procedure.

When Are Extractions Used?

Extractions are done when it becomes necessary to remove a tooth due to it affecting the overall health of your mouth. If you have a crowded mouth that is interfering with the proper growth of your teeth, an extraction may be necessary. Extractions are typically done on adult patients.

Benefits of Extractions

The benefit of extractions is the elimination of the health risk that the teeth were posing before the extraction. Rotting or decaying teeth can cause numerous health problems, so removing those teeth can have vast benefits for your entire health. Additionally, removing teeth from a crowded mouth can increase your comfort level and set the stage for a better-looking smile.

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Paul Graf is the dentist that you can trust to perform your tooth extraction and help you with your oral health needs. Our office has been performing extractions for years and has the expertise and experience to make your extraction as comfortable and beneficial as possible. Contact our office today to make an appointment for your extraction or for a consultation on your oral health.

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