Periodontal Treatment in Spring, TX

Periodontal Treatment in Spring, TX

The gums are crucial in keeping your teeth healthy, and by extension, maintaining your cardiovascular health. There are a lot of different signs that you should know about when it comes to determining if your teeth and gums are healthy or not. When you have healthy gums, you are not likely to experience a lot of pain, nor are you likely to have bad breath – these are some symptoms you should be aware of. There are good reasons to be concerned about your periodontal health. When you are proactive about getting treatment, it provides you with the opportunity to save your teeth and strengthen your gums. At Dr. Paul Graf’s office in Spring, TX, we understand the importance of good periodontal treatment and give you the tools necessary to keep your gums healthy.

What Are Some Periodontal Problems?

There are several reasons that periodontal issues can be problematic. The first is that your gums are what keeps your teeth in place. When you have healthy gums, you have healthy teeth; there is a symbiotic relationship. If your gums are bright and pink, that means they are healthy. Gums that are red, inflamed, and bleeding when performing basic dental hygiene practices like flossing and brushing are signs of a bigger problem. Bad breath is also a sign that something with your gums is awry.

Treatment for Periodontal Problems

One of the most basic forms of treatment for periodontal issues is root planing and scaling. This is when your dentist clears out any plaque that exists below the gum line. This plaque causes irritation and leads to your gums being less healthy. In more advanced cases of gingivitis and periodontal disease, the goal is to get your gums healthy with the next step being performing restoration procedures. Rebuilding gum tissue does take some time and patience, but there are several procedures that result in a positive outcome.

Getting the treatment you need for your gums is simple when you call the office of Dr. Paul Graf in Spring, TX. Our goal is making sure your gums are healthy.

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