Oral Cancer Screenings in Spring, TX

Oral Cancer Screenings in Spring, TX

There is nothing that can strike fear into people quicker than a cancer diagnosis. This is something that can be depressing and for a good reason. Like with all other types of cancers, early detection makes a big difference. The earlier a patient’s oral cancer is discovered, the easier it is to cure. Getting oral cancer screenings at each of your dental visits is an important step in making sure that you get the treatment you need. By getting oral cancer screenings at each of your dental visits, your dentist will be able to see if anything starts to look amiss in your mouth. If the dentist sees anything wrong in your screening, they will be sure to take care of it right away. At Dr. Graf’s office in Spring, TX, we are experts in performing oral cancer screenings.

What Are The Signs of Oral Cancer?

The most prominent signs that indicate that you may have oral cancer include having lumps appear in odd places and white spots appearing in the mouth. These are two major causes for concern. Several areas in the mouth have the ability to develop cancer, including the tongue, salivary glands, and the throat. Therefore, it is imperative to get an oral cancer screening every six months when you receive your teeth cleaning. Oral cancer screenings are a crucial part of how we perform exams and cleanings at our office.

What Causes Oral Cancer?

Genetic factors are the cause of some oral cancers, but most oral cancers occur due to lifestyle choices. The most significant causes of oral cancer are the consumption of alcohol and tobacco products. With alcohol, the more one drinks, the higher the chance of getting oral cancer they have. Whether it is smokeless tobacco or cigarettes, there are strong links between tobacco use and cancer. It is imperative that if you are dealing with these lifestyle issues that you kick the habit right away so that your oral health is not jeopardized.

Every six months, you should be getting a dental exam, cleaning, and oral cancer screening. Schedule an appointment today by calling Dr. Paul Graf’s office in Spring, TX.

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