Denture Repairs in Spring, TX

Denture Repairs in Spring, TX

Dentures are a good option for replacing teeth and are meant to last for years. However, they can eventually lose their fit, causing them to feel loose and lose some functionality. This is due to the mouth changing shape over time – as the bones and gums naturally shrink and recede, the jaw can develop a different alignment. Furthermore, dentures can get worn down with use or become damaged. It is a good idea to have dentures repaired once they begin to fit poorly or get overly worn. If dentures are left unrepaired, they can be not just uncomfortable, but also dangerous as they may lead to infection, mouth sores, or other oral issues. Paul Graf DDS in Spring can assist with adjusting and repairing your dentures and restore them to their previous function.

Denture Relines

This repair fixes the side of the denture that comes into contact with the soft tissues of the mouth, resurfacing that area to help it to fit more comfortably.

Denture Rebasing

The base of dentures is the pink acrylic part that blends in with the gums. If this part becomes worn, it can be remade, and the replacement teeth can be fixed onto it.


Poorly-fitting dentures can irritate the gums or mouth tissues as they rub against them. This can eventually cause a sore spot in the tissues. Making an adjustment to your dentures can relieve or help avoid this discomfort.

Tips to avoid damage to dentures

To extend the life of dentures, they should be handled with care. When cleaning them, it is recommended that you hold them over a folded towel or roomy bowl of water. This can minimize damage if they are dropped. Harsh cleansers and hard brushes should not be used to clean dentures; instead, they should be soaked nightly in either a special denture cleanser or a half-and-half solution of water and vinegar. Taking the dentures out at night to be soaked not only helps to keep them clean of bacteria, tartar, plaque, and stains but also gives your gums a break from a day of use.

If your dentures have become worn or you notice a change in the way they fit, contact Paul Graf DDS in Spring to have them repaired before the damage gets worse.

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