Dental Crowns in Spring, TX

Dental Crowns in Spring, TX

One of the dental restorations that typically has the greatest longevity is the crown. Dental crowns or caps cover the tooth like a thimble on a thumb. The fit is precise to seal the tooth usually close to the gum line. Having the tooth completely covered by a crown gives teeth weakened from large fillings or new decay support and strength they could otherwise not achieve.

Why Would I Need A Dental Crown?

Dr. Graf believes that whenever possible patients tooth structure needs to be preserved. This means often a large filling may be preferable to a crown. Unfortunately there are instances where there is minimal tooth structure present. These cases are teeth that already have very large existing fillings, and now have additional decay. If there is not at least 1/3 of the tooth existing on either side of the tooth, then either thin wall of the filling is in danger of fracture. When the sides of the tooth are too thin to support a filling then the tooth must have the 360 degree support only a crown can provide.

If a crown is needed to provide the strength, protection and support for your tooth or teeth. Be very confident that Dr. Graf partners with one the best (Nationally recognized) cosmetic laboratories in the United States. This is the same group of technicians that craft the beautiful “fool you” veneers for our cosmetic dental patients as well. These crowns and veneers are simply stunningly realistic and beautiful!

How Is A Crown Made?

If your tooth requires a crown then a two step process will be initiated by Dr. Graf and his staff. The initial appointment will entail removal of all old restorations and any decay to the tooth being treated. Usually a BUILD UP filling is placed where the old filling and any decay used to reside.

This BUILD UP filling is the foundation for the support of your new crown. Dr. Graf then removes just enough tooth structure around the tooth so that when the laboratory is finished making the crown it will fit and be the same dimension as the original tooth. Once tooth preparation is completed Dr. Graf will take a “mold” of your mouth to make a model for the laboratory. They will now have a record of your mouth and teeth to make an accurate and beautiful crown.

Once the mold has been taken Dr. Graf’s staff will make a temporary crown that you will wear to protect the tooth for the 7-10 days it will take to manufacture the crown.

When the crown is finished the patient is appointed to cement the crown. No numbing is usually required and this 2nd crown appointment is usually a 20 minute easy one. The new crown requires that same level of oral hygiene as all of your natural teeth. Flossing and brushing are key to crown longevity.

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