Everything You Should Know About Denture Repairs

Everything You Should Know About Denture Repairs

Aug 01, 2021

With tooth loss being one of the most common dental issues in dentistry, modern dentistry has several solutions to bridge the gap. Dentures, for instance, have proven reliable for tooth restorations for many years. The variations incorporated in the manufacture of dentures make them even more appealing to patients today.

What Are Dentures?

They are tooth-replacement oral appliances that feature artificial replacement teeth and a gum-like plastic or acrylic base. Dentures have been used for several years in dentistry to replace lost teeth, particularly for the elderly. However, today, dentures are being used for much younger audiences, thanks to different variations, including implants to support dentures, partial dentures, porcelain, and composite materials, to mention a few.

However, dentures are not built to last a lifetime. As you use them, your dentures may wear down or get damaged in one way or another. Do not shy away from seeking denture repairs in Spring, TX, since denture damage is common.

When Denture Repair Is Needed

Since dentures are not your natural teeth, when they are damaged, they will cause you significant discomfort every time you try to use them. The primary purpose of denture repairs in Spring is to restore its function as well as your comfort levels when you wear the dentures. You must also understand that it is out of the question to try and repair your dentures at home. Technically, glue is not suitable for denture repairs in TX. The reason is that the repair needs to be sturdy enough to support the typical functions of teeth, including chewing hard foods. Besides, trying to use glues like super glue can cause more damage to your dentures. Instead, determine to visit a dentist for denture repairs near you. You will need to repair your dentures if they are:

  • Broken or cracked
  • Missing some artificial teeth
  • Ill-fitting – usually as a result of changes in the state of your gums. Over time, if you do not have teeth, the bone tissue of your jawbone disintegrates, and the gums recede. Such issues can make your dentures ill-fitting.
  • Unstable – if they keep snapping off when you wear them, usually when you have had them for a long time.

What Causes Denture Damage?

Even though dentures cannot last you a lifetime, they should serve you for a long while before you need to replace them. However, some of the following things can damage your dentures and necessitate repairs:

  • Dental trauma or injury when wearing the dentures
  • Excessive teeth grinding
  • Misuse of dentures – biting or crashing hard objects with your dentures, including opening bottle tops or crushing ice cubes.
  • Dropping your dentures when you remove them from your mouth cause break or crack them.
  • Poor oral hygiene – which results in the decay of the pink acrylic.

Types of Denture Repairs

​Denture repairs in 77379 will largely depend on the type of prosthetic you have, the nature of the damage, as well as the oral needs you have. As such, there are three main ways to repair dentures:

  • Denture relining – it is done to restore ill-fitting dentures.
  • Rebasing dentures – involves replacing the entire base of your dentures to help them become more stable than they are. Ideally, the artificial teeth on your denture are all transferred to a new acrylic base. It is common for patients that have had their dentures for a long time.
  • Minor adjustments – a few tweaks may be needed to help elevate your comfort levels when you use dentures. The adjustments will lower the irritation and bruising of your gums when you wear dentures.

Another type of repair may involve replacing the metal clasp on a partial denture that may have been broken. In some situations, you may go to your dentist for a denture repair but instead get new dentures. It is often the case if the damage on your initial dentures is too big to be repaired and restored.


Careful maintenance of your dentures is paramount if you want to keep them for a long time. Other than dental traumas and injuries, you should be able to avoid denture repairs for a long time. However, do not hesitate to call your dentist when you need an adjustment or repair to restore the state of your dentures.

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