Dentures Repair: Things You Need to Know

Dentures Repair: Things You Need to Know

Jun 01, 2022

Dentures allow you to speak, eat comfortably, and smile, helping you overcome your self-consciousness before others or in social gatherings. However, dentures are susceptible to damage requiring you to exercise caution because they can snap unexpectedly to require repairs from dentures in 77379.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are artificial teeth and gums created for your mouth by dentists to replace missing or extracted natural teeth. You can have either complete or partial dentures indicating that the prosthetics can replace all teeth on the top or bottom gum line or just a few missing teeth. Whether you need partial or complete dentures, the prosthetics are customized to fit your mouth and visually match your remaining teeth.

Earlier, plastic or porcelain helped make artificial teeth for dentures. However, present-day dentures are made from hard resin. The materials helping make dentures are more fragile than natural teeth, making them susceptible to chipping or cracking if dropped or uncared for. The denture material also wears down faster than natural teeth, making replacements essential with a new set of dentures every five to seven years.

The supporting structure holding the artificial teeth on dentures resembles the natural gum line and is made from a similar resin used for the teeth fitting snugly on your gums.

Things to Know for Dentures Repair

Dentures repair in Spring, TX, suggests broken dentures are restorable to a condition like new with the repair. Dental laboratories often perform denture repairs where a skilled technician is under the guidance of a dentist. Before delivering the denture to the laboratory, the dentist scrutinizes the prosthetic to provide the lab technician with detailed instructions on making the repair process proceeds smoothly without complications.

Can You Use Glue on Dentures?

Broken or split dentures are non-repairable with regular household glue. The glue cannot withstand the biting forces placed on the prosthetics and will make the denture break open again. A second break worsens the denture more than the first, rendering it unusable. Therefore it is a good idea to have a spare set of dentures on hand for unexpected emergencies.

Is Super Glue Safe to Fix Dentures?

You should never try to fix your dentures with Super Glue or other adhesives available at home. Super Glue is full of toxic chemicals that might result in gum inflammation and is best not used on any appliances placed in the mouth. Furthermore, Superglue residue damages the area surrounding the denture fracture and complicates the denture repair process. The glue can also alter the fit of the appliance, making it vulnerable to breakage or rendering the prosthetic irreparable. Finally, super glue is water-soluble, indicating that your saliva will dissolve over time.

How to Manage Denture Breakage?

If you confront denture breakage, do not try to fix the broken dentures yourself. You might mess up your dental prosthetic and cause irreparable damage to it while trying to fix them. Instead, let a dental professional repair your dentures to have a hassle-free experience and long-lasting results.

Whenever you confront denture breakage, call your dentist to schedule a denture repair appointment. Meanwhile, if you have a spare set of dentures, start using them. Avoid trying short-term measures to fix your dentures at home.

Are Partial Dentures Repairable?

Denture acrylic helps make the teeth and gum portion of partial dentures. Partial dentures also have clasps and clips made from metal. If your partial denture chips, cracks, or breaks the acrylic gum material or the metal clasp breaks, the partial is repairable in a single day at an affordable price.

What Are the Prices of Denture Repairs?

The prices of denture repairs vary according to the extent of the damage, your geographical location, and the expertise of the dentist undertaking the repairs. However, you can expect to pay approximately $ 100-$ 200 for partial denture repair. In addition, you can expect to pay roughly $ 300-$ 500 for denture relining.

How to Repair Dentures at Home?

If your dentures have broken or chipped, schedule an appointment with your dentist at the earliest to have them repaired. Minor cracks are repairable at home using FDA-approved denture kits available in most drug stores to improve your prosthetics temporarily before getting to your dentist. The denture kit contains essential materials required to perform emergency repairs on your dentures. Ensure that you follow the instructions of the manufacturer carefully for optimal results.

Broken and cracked dentures are best repaired by Houston Cosmetic & Family Dentistry — Dr. Paul Graf, DDS, in Spring, TX. Kindly schedule an appointment with the facility to have your artificial teeth repaired as soon as possible by experts.

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