Common Reasons Why Individuals Need an Emergency Dentist

Common Reasons Why Individuals Need an Emergency Dentist

Mar 11, 2021

Whenever you are confronted with a dental issue over a weekend, holiday, or in the middle of the night, welcome to Dr. Paul Graf DDS. Emergency dentists near Spring, TX can rapidly diagnose and determine what treatment is needed to treat a variety of emergency needs.

At our dental practice, we offer same-day urgent arrangements. Since we comprehend that dental emergencies can be both painful and disturbing. Patients should contact our colleague members at the reception or call online. They are ready to take up your appointment and see you right away.

Why Get Your Dental Emergency Treated Right Away?

Here are a few reasons to make an emergency dental arrangement quickly.

Knocked-Out Tooth

If a tooth is knocked out, it requires urgent treatment. Try to place it back in the socket by placing it between your cheek and gum. If it’s not possible, soak it in a container of milk as well as use a cold and wet compress for bleeding.

Lost Filling

Regular preventive care with Dr. Paul is prescribed to recognize potential issues with existing fillings or crowns. Usually, patients lose fillings or crowns while eating or biting gums.

Remember, try not to disregard that feeling and get to an emergency dental specialist straightway. If anyone loses their teeth then they can perform an emergency dentist near me Google search.

Lost Tooth

Gum diseases and cavities are the common reason for tooth loss. Gum diseases are also known as periodontal diseases. However, cavities are holes in teeth. They are due to a bacterial infection and can turn into severe tooth decay.

If you lose your multiple teeth due to a sports injury, then it is necessary to visit an emergency dental care clinic. If they are salvageable, then they can be re-attached in its right position. However, this must be attached ASAP (typically within one or two hours).

Have you lost a tooth and need dental help? Contact Dr. Paul Graf DDS to make an appointment at a reasonable price.

Chipped Tooth

Nowadays, chips in one or more teeth are a universal dental emergency. It is a more serious issue that may cause distress and agony. Teeth can be damaged in numerous ways. That damage can be minimal or large depending on your teeth condition and injury type.

Small chips in the teeth can be due to the consumption of hard foods – nuts, chicken bones, etc. Nevertheless, it’s usually some kind of injury or accident that causes a chip. While an individual may be humiliated to stroll around with a chip in the front tooth, it can be effectively fixed with a crown and bonding.

Bleeding Gums

Bleeding gums are the most well-known indication of gum illness. This issue happens more in children these days. The explanation of these problems is the absence of focus or care towards the teeth.

While you do not have to stress yourself if you spot draining gums, just make a move to prevent the progression to a more advanced gum disorder.

Abscessed Tooth

Due to an abscessed tooth, an individual faces an outrageous level of pain. Even, many folks can experience problems while they talk, breathe, drink as well as eat. It due to the possibility of containing anything that makes touching your teeth unbearable.

Try not to suffer until a Monday or Tuesday. Make an urgent dental specialist appointment near Spring, TX, and have the tooth treated and your pain decreased.

What to Do If You Need Emergency Dental Care?

If you are experiencing the dental emergency signs listed above, get in touch with your emergency dentist straight away. If you get the voicemail, the dental experts likely provide an emergency number or suggest instructions to leave as a message in emergency cases.

You will never know when an emergency will strike and that makes it difficult to plan an appointment ahead of time. As a top emergency dentist near Spring, TX, we are available 24 hours a day. So if you struggle with unbearable oral pain or have damaged multiple tooth, schedule an immediate appointment.

Sometimes, if we don’t answer your call, then don’t worry. We will return your call as quickly as possible to provide the treatment that you need.

Request an appointment here: or call at 281-826-0025 for an appointment in our emergency dentistry in spring, TX office.

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