A Closer Look at Dentures and Their Significance

A Closer Look at Dentures and Their Significance

Sep 01, 2020

Missing a tooth deprives your confidence and self-esteem. You can use dentures to replace missing teeth and restore your appealing dental appearance. Missing teeth may lead to further dental issues, and you are restricted from the natural tooth functionalities. Dentures can be a suitable therapeutic approach for you.

Physical injury, tooth decay, extraction, mouth trauma, and periodontal diseases can lead to teeth loss. Having dentures enable you to regain eating habits without restrictions and restore an amazing aesthetic outlook.

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are removable cosmetic and prosthetic appliances molded to fit your mouth structure. They are custom-made to replace your missing teeth and regain your natural oral functions. Porcelain material is the material used to make these devices, and the support structure where they are attached is of acrylic resin material.

Porcelain dentures are naturally translucent to your tooth enamel. The material is robust and can serve you for a long if it’s well-preserved. Acrylic dentures replacement is done after five to eight years since they wear out. Dentures in Spring, TX, vary depending on the condition of your oral tissues.

Types of Dentures

Your dental health practitioner can help you choose the ideal set of dentures depending on your dental status. Determination of the type of dentures needed depends on the number of your missing teeth. The following are the classification of dentures.:

Full Dentures

They are used to replace all upper and lower jaw’s missing teeth. The insertion of conventional full dentures is used after the removal of remaining teeth. Impressions are taken to create dentures that uniquely fit your mouth.

Immediate Full Dentures

This set of dentures is inserted immediately to your remaining teeth after an extraction procedure. They are used to facilitate the healing process. They are realigned after insertion to move your bone and gum during healing.

Partial Denture

Partial dentures replace a missing section of your teeth. They are attached to a metal framework on your natural teeth, and crowns can be placed on your adjacent teeth to anchor your dentures.

What You Can Expect When Having Dentures

During the appointment, a dental examination is done through X-rays to assess your dental needs. Additional procedures are performed to address your underlying dental issues. Dentures in Kuykendahl require taking of impressions on your hard and soft tissues are used to mold customized replica of your teeth structure.

Dentures resemble your oral tissues, and you need to make a regular visit to your specialist for a check-up to ensure your dentures are perfectly fit. Adjustments are vital in providing your tissues are comfortable.

They appear natural and cemented on your teeth and gum line. You can easily remove for cleaning and as you sleep. You can undergo the placement of dentures near you, and replace all your missing teeth.

How to Take Care of Your Dentures

You need to maintain your dentures diligently by following the measures below:

  • Place dentures in unique soaking trays after use for regular cleaning
  • Ensure you remove food particles to avoid bacterial infections
  • Avoid chewing hard food with dentures
  • Undergo readjustments if your jawbone shifts
  • Use a recommended cleaning solution from your hygienist.

With proper care, your set of dentures can serve you for a long. Make regular visits to your dentist for dental exams, to ensure your dentures are fit correctly.

Placement of Dentures in Kuykendahl

Dentures are vital appliances in the replacement of your missing teeth, and at Paul Graf DDS, we use the restorative and cosmetic devices to replace missing teeth and protect your gums from receding.

Our experts recommend you to undergo dentures repairs if worn out to avoid infections. We readjust your poorly fitting dentures that irritate your gums and restore the comfort of your oral tissues.

You need to undergo professional cleaning for Dentures in Spring, TX. Our dentists recommend you soak them at night on special cleaners, to cleanse tartar, stains, and plaque. Highly abrasive brushes and cleaning solutions can destroy your dentures, and you need soft-bristled brushes and a solution of water and vinegar.

We perform regular dental exams to assess the condition of your dentures at Kuykendahl to ensure you are comfortable. We make immediate repairs when we identify stains or worn out dentures to prevent further damage. Please make an appointment with us today if you have irritating dentures, for an examination and repair today!

Visit a dentist near you if you are a resident located at a different place.

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